Business Digital Services

Serious Digital Services for Serious Businesses.

Qizmit's digital services and assistants can be utilized to assign assist businesses of any size from micro-businesses to global multinational corporations:

Monitor any site or server and aggregate data about its performance and issue alert notifications if conditions are met.
Create journals to track your mileage and sales activity. Journal entries can be logged via a web browser or through text messaging and email. With support for MMS messages, journal records can also include images and multimedia.
Securely share access to data and content with custom challenges and answers. Qizmit will provide a challenge-password style content wall your business may leverage as a cryptocurrency pay-wall for online content.
Sites & Catalogs
Create an online presence or store front to sell products, digital downloads, or content subscriptions.
Print & Distribute
Quickly and easily turn your data and content into printed post cards, letters, and facsimiles. Associate digital content with the printed material that the recipient can access from a web browser or on a smartphone via a QR code.
Schedule an email, text message, or a phone call on a one time or recurring basis! Reminders may also be used to gather periodic responses in order to track statistics about your customers' satisfaction, your sales personnels performance, or just provide a simple wake-up call or alert before an important meeting.