Individual Digital Services

Helpful digital services to enhance your lifestyle!

Qizmit's Digital Services and Assistants can be used to help you create an online journal that can be used to record and track your own personal data. In addition, with our Reminders and Monitoring, you can easily create a record of your personal fitness activities, maintain an online diary, or record your thoughts, ideas, and personal health statistics.

Create a calendar of events while allowing your friends to schedule events and meetings with you!
Create galleries and albums to organize all your media.
Create a variety of journals for recreation, creativity, and tracking your personal progress!
Organize and store lists of your favorite sites and web links in the cloud so they never get lost again.
Schedule a text message, email, or a phone call on a one time or recurring basis! Reminders can also provide provide a simple wake-up call or alert before an important meeting or event.
Securely share access to data and content with custom challenges and answers. Qizmit will provide a challenge-password style content wall that you may use to restrict access to your data.
Monitor your personal web site or blog and receive notifications if it goes down, or collect periodic data and statistics about your health and exercise habits. Or perhaps you want to monitor a stock or currency price and would like to receive notification when it changes.
Easily create one or more blogs! Monetize your blog by accepting Bitcoins displayed as a QR code to your readers or requiring subscriptions!
Monitor and track financial portfolios and have Qizmit watch for changes and notify you if conditions warrant!
Create to-do and task lists to help you organize and plan anything imaginable.
Create your own private social networks that integrate with Facebook! Create your own Cliques complete with a custom domain name, and invite only those contacts you would like to include in your private clique.