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    Qizmit Individual Services will allow you to use our digital services that are designed for individuals to use. The Qizmit Communiques, Blogs, Logging and Lists Services are individual services.

    Qizmit Business Services provides a variety of digital services that are designed for businesses to use. For example, our Qizmit Printing & Digital Delivery, Domaing Registration & Hosting, and Automation & Monitoring Services.

    Qizmit Developer Services provides access to the technology that drives Qizmit for the more technically inclined individual. Leverage Tagelmoust's BlueVeil Technology to design, generate, and host complete RESTful JSON interfaces in minutes. Add telephony and instant messaging capabilities quickly and easily using our state machine driven TwiliApps with power of the Twilio VoIP platform!

    Qizmit Investor Services provides a unique gathering place and services for Entrepreneurs and Investors. Qizmit Operations and Private Capital Accounts Services allow for the responsible, legally compliant, and transparent crowd sourcing of private for-profit ventures.